11 Reasons Why You Should Go For Boiler Servicing in Summer?

As the cold weather in the UK starts waning off with the arrival of Spring, we tend to move outside to enjoy the sun. As we get ourselves busy packing for our summer holidays or for moving on to the beach for a sunbath, boiler servicing can be the last thing that can come into our mind.

But believe me or not, it’s the best time you can get your boiler serviced. So let’s take a look at the reasons, why is it so:

1. Identify your Boiler Issues: Winter months make your boiler work hard. It’s the time when you can barely give it a break and stay without it. But as the summer months give your boiler that relief, it is the right time to get it serviced. You can know how your furnace is, after doing its tiring job in the cold months. If any major issues are detected, it’s better to get your boiler repaired or replaced at the time, when the heating system is not in use

2. Detect any Soot Formation: It’s one of the major reasons you should go for a Boiler Servicing after the winter months. As soots build up in your boiler in the cold season, it mixes with the condensation during the summer months. This thing, if left ignored for long, will settle down and even affect the boiler heat exchanger.

3. Get it at your Convenience: Wintertime is when the gas engineers get the busiest. Thats’ the time when the heating system works the most and too many jobs for boiler repair, boiler breakdown recovery come down the way. So if you are looking for boiler servicing during the cold months, it will be a tough time for you to get the right gas engineer at your suitable time.

But this will not be the scenario during the summer months as the gas engineers are not that busy during that time.

4. Get a better price: Any Boiler job is expensive during the winter months. But the hot months give these heating engineers a lot of spare time. So, most of them normally give a discount during that season. It is, therefore, wiser to book the Boiler Service in summer and get a competitive price.

5. Be Safe: The combustion process in your boiler requires some fuel. So if there is anything wrong with your furnace, leakages can occur for poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas. Even, fire explosions might also take place. Servicing your boiler in summer will keep it and you safe during the cold months.

6. Be Comfortable: Any small issue occurred in your boiler in the fall can turn out to be a big issue, once it is switched on in the next winter. To avoid such unwelcome surprises during that shivering cold, it’s better to get it serviced in the hot season.

7. Avoid Mishaps & Huge Expenses: We know now that the soot formation in winter mixes the condensation in summer, which settles down and erodes the different parts of the boiler. Moreover, its long and uninterrupted service during the winter might get some minor or major issues. Forgetting about these facts during the summer might lead to a big boiler issue, bringing you big expenses at the time when you actually need them.

8. Be Sure for the Winter: When you turn on your furnace after a long gap in the summertime, you are not sure how it will function. But having it serviced during the summer will certainly give you peace of mind that it is all good for the winter.

9. Use your Boiler Leisure Time: The shivering cold winter months in Uk rarely gives your boiler a break. So if any fault is detected in it during these months, any boiler repair or replacement can really disrupt the comfort level of your daily life. But that can be best done during the hot months when you are not using your boiler.

10. Get your boiler cleaned: Burning the fuel in your furnace can get your heating system to gather more dirt and dust particles. The efficiency of your boiler can get badly affected due to the presence of such waste in the system. This off-season is the best time to get it thoroughly cleaned and also serviced.

11. Protect your Boiler Warranty: Last but not the least, for maintaining your boiler warranty you should definitely get it serviced at regular intervals. This balmy season can be the best time to get a gas engineer to tune up your boiler to back up its warranty and get it all covered.general plumber near me

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