Choosing the Right AMD Processor For Your PC

Whether you’re gaming, working on creative projects or simply streaming Seinfeld, the right processor for your PC can make all the difference. AMD’s latest processors deliver the performance you need with up to 8 speedy cores and 16 threads to handle multithreaded tasks.

AMD’s history in the chip business started in 1996, when it purchased a company known as NexGen and began branching out from Intel-compatible microprocessors. In 2000, the company released its Athlon processor, which set the stage for AMD’s success in the market. The Athlon was followed by the Opteron processor, which proved that AMD could compete in the high-end microprocessor market.

In 2006, AMD absorbed ATI Technologies, which produced graphics processing units (GPUs) for use in computers. In 2008, the company announced a plan to produce chips that combined both the CPU and GPU into a single unit, called an accelerated processing unit (APU).

Over time, AMD has worked hard to improve the cost-performance ratio of its processors. The newer Ryzen processors, for example, offer great gaming performance at a much better price than Intel’s top-of-the-line Core i9 chips. AMD’s latest processors are also notable for their thermal and power efficiency, which can help keep your system cool and quiet while maintaining a level of performance that can’t be matched by Intel.

AMD has also made significant improvements in its overclocking capabilities, and most of its recent processors include a feature called Precision Boost Overdrive that automatically wrings some extra performance out of the chip depending on your motherboard’s power delivery subsystem and your CPU cooling. This makes it easier than ever to get the performance you need out of your processor without spending hours tweaking a complicated BIOS configuration. AMD processors

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